About Us

Printomized is an innovative custom printing online store that enables people to design and order personalized products such as printed t-shirts, caps, mobile covers, bags, mouse pads, mugs, clocks and more as a self-expression medium. We’re passionate about giving you the ability to make your mark on the world through customization, and we believe there is no limit to self-expression. Our mission is to give anyone, anywhere the power to make anything imaginable.

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Custom Prints

Printomized wants you to be creative and pour your own heart and soul into the products you love. Design what you love and show the world what you are passionate about. We believe that our consumers should be empowered, that is why Printomized is a unique online shopping in UAE & KSA platform which offers customized prints on anything that you desire. Design your own shirt, shorts, coffee mugs and travel bags, you name it and we got it!

A wide variety for everyone

Printomized stands for catering to every one of their loyal customers no matter what their background or interests be. That is why we make sure to have a diverse range of products that will be adored by anyone. From custom shirts online and other apparels to home décor and stationery, we are targeting all the demographics. There is something for everyone here at Printomized!

Choose from your favorite themes

We at Printomized are all about that geeky life! We offer our fans who want to customize anything to choose from a wide range of themes, or you can simply create a theme on your own! From gaming and viral trends to anime and the latest blockbusters, nothing gets us quite as excited as a theme to follow! If you are feeling adventurous, why not let your creative juices flow right here at Printomized and create a theme yourself to get the product of your dreams!? No other online shopping sites in UAE & KSA can offer unique themes on customizable goods quite like this!

Quick Delivery

Who would want to agonizingly wait for their parcels and deliveries for weeks on end, in some cases even months! Printomized establishes itself as the top platform for online shopping in UAE & KSA with its seamless and quick delivery services. We ensure that your get your precious product as soon as possible thanks to a network of professionals and special systems which tirelessly work to get our products from your screen to your hands!

Secure Payment Methods

Nothing matters more to Printomized than security and to provide a safe platform to our customers. Relax and leave the worries to us because we ensure that your hard-earned money reaches the right hands at the end of the day. Printomized trustworthy and secure payment methods. Whether it is cash on delivery or if you prefer to pay through credit card, you can resolutely trust our products and we will resolutely protect your money. You won’t find a full proof system like ours in any other online shopping websites in UAE & KSA!

Uncompromising Quality

If there is one thing that Printomized does not tolerate it is bad quality products. It is a part of our philosophy to provide our customers with the best possible experience of online shopping in UAE & KSA. We believe we have a responsibility to not only the online committee but to our customers who pay their hard-earned money for our accessories. Therefore, you can always expect the very best products from our side with uncompromising quality!

Unbeatable Price

Printomized outperforms all other online brands in UAE & KSA with its unbeatable and totally inexpensive prices on the best quality products! Our attractive prices will have you asking for more. From our awesome t-shirts to our aesthetic clocks, everything is available at a price that won’t lighten up your wallet whilst also allowing you to get the custom designs of your dreams!

Cash on delivery

No matter where you are in UAE & KSA, Printomized lives up to its name of being the best online clothing stores in UAE & KSA by providing you with a convenient cash on delivery service. No need to handle the stress of online payment when you can simply whip out cash wherever you may want your product to be delivered. No middle parties and no worries with cash on delivery.

1) All Over Print Jackets

Jackets are the new cool, be it any time of the year. What type of jackets are the trendiest nowadays? Surely not the one from the 90’s because they are so old school now. All over printed jackets have taken over the older trends and are the new cool. All over print jacket are the new trend. Printomized provides all sorts of printed jackets and ensures that best of every trend is delivered to its customers with its high quality and stylish merchandise. These designs and prints will surely help you stand out from the crowd. These jackets are readily available in all types of prints, even the customizable ones. There’s a jacket for everyone! There is a variety of fashionable clothes and pieces available at one of the best online stores in UAE & KSA, Printomized!

2) All Over Print Hoodies

Hoodies have always been the trendiest fashion piece of all times. They are the easiest to pull off as well. They are a must have for everyone because they look great on everybody. They look so cool and come in every shape, size and design. The designs include all PSL teams as well as every anime that exists. These designs are so high quality and vibrant that they will pop on you and make you stand out from the crowd. Women hoodies in UAE & KSA available at Printomized are at the most reasonable prices. You simply cannot buy durable ladies hoodies online in UAE & KSA quite like this other than from right here at Printomized!

3) Caps

Having a bad hair day but don’t want to wash it? A sudden hangout plan came your way that you weren’t ready for? Can’t find a casual accessory to go with your outfit? We have an answer to all of your outfit blues. A cap can fill the void that your perfect outfit might be missing. Caps look cool with every attire.
Printomized carries a great Selection of caps. A cap for every event is available readily on this amazing fashion hub. Shopping online caps in UAE & KSA for your outfit is the easiest option you have while chilling at your home.
From viral trends to aesthetic designs based on fandoms, Printomized has it all! Step up your accessory game by incorporating caps in your outfit and spice up your outfit. You can’t get styles like baseball caps and snapback caps in UAE & KSA from anywhere other than Printomized!

4) Flip Flops

Flip flops are the ultimate comfort fashion piece when it comes to comfortable everyday clothing or even house-wear. Printomized carries an amazing collection of flip flops ranging from simple designs to vibrant designs to suit your taste.
Flip flops in UAE & KSA are a go-to for people who are a sucker for casual fashion. Flip flops are ideal for university students and hostel students but hey, everyone can pull them off!
These vibrant designs make a statement with any simple outfit to catch people’s eye and make you a center of attraction. If you thought you could never pull off flip flops as a fashion item, well now you definitely can! You can’t get a better deal on flip flop flippers UAE & KSA than at Printomized

5) Lounge and Nightwear

Lounge wear and sleeping clothes are very hard to choose than you think. This is because ultimate softness and comfort matters a lot when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Getting a night suit with that is both comfortable and stylish is difficult.
Printomized now carries an incredible range of lounge wear to ensure that you get the best sleep of your life every night. Beauty sleep is also super important to make you look fresh and awake which is why lounge wear should always be taken seriously.
Ladies nightwear, T-shirt and pajamas sets are readily available at Online shopping in UAE & KSA. There is a night suit for every one with designs ranging from simple ones to super cute ones.

6) Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have always been a fashion staple from the very beginning. They are great at saving life for all you guys who have to look put together in a short amount of time. The minimalism of polo shirts always looks the best when paired with some denim jeans. They look super casual and attractive. They are great for an effortless look!
These shirts might be available everywhere but finding a polo shirt with good quality is hard. Some polo shirts UAE & KSA on Printomized.com come without any logo and are available in vibrant colors to make you look instantly refreshed and well dressed. Some do come with a polo logo as well. You can’t get a better deal on mens shirts than right here at Printomized!

7) Tank Tops

Tanks tops are an essential in everyone’s wardrobe! They help you stay cool for the summer and makes you look quite stylish and trendy as well. Printomized has a great collection of tank tops to spice up your fashion game. These tank tops for girls will surely make some heads turn. They are great for a summer day out on a beach or a casual hang out with friends.
Printomized’s collection carry all sorts of tank tops from minimal designs like plain white tank tops that look super aesthetic because of their simplicity to tank tops with funky designs and prints. These tank tops are some of the most comfortable clothing pieces you will ever find! If you usually go for a minimalistic look, these tops are surely for you! You can’t get a better experience in online cloth shopping in UAE & KSA than from right here at Printomized.pk!

8) Graphic Tees

We at Printomized ensure that our customers get delivered a fresh new trend every now and then. Graphic tees are great at reflecting your personality while looking both trendy and well-dressed. A good graphic tees can turn your fashion game upside down and spice it up real nice.
We do not only deliver trendy tees but also make sure that our customers are delivered with a high-quality product.
Our tee collection has everything to offer. From latest trends and popular entertainment shows to simply pleasing visuals, our collection has got it all! We also carry a collection for our customers’ special days like birthdays, anniversaries etc.
So what are you waiting for? You can’t buy cheap tee shirts online with this quality anywhere else other than Printomized!

9) All Over Print T-shirts

Printed t shirts are the easiest way to get dressed up and also the most versatile fashion pieces to accessorize. Some aesthetically pleasing visuals that are vibrant enough to grab everybody’s attention can take a t-shirt from 0 to 100 real quick. These tees are not only stylish but reflect your image of being a trendsetter! These fashion pieces surely make a statement.
We at warehouse have a t-shirt for everyone! You like batman? We have it on a shirt. A die-hard lover of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? We have got one for you too! These incredibly comfortable shirts can make you look like a real style icon if you wear the right one.
Pull them off the way you like. Shop for a great online shopping in UAE & KSA experience only at Printomized!

10) Women All Over Print Hoodie

Hoodies are that comfy wear we all love wearing. Either its super cool or you have to hit the gym, hoodies just go with anything. Hoodies for womens online have turned out to be a great trend especially now with the customization option. You can now even purchase zipper hoodies in UAE & KSA just with few clicks. Women hoodies broke the stereotype trend, you can get designs printed just like you want, throw some tumblr looks or real bright colors or go get your favorite character on it. All this and much more from Printomized.

11) Women All Over Print Jackets

Jackets and winter are the coolest combo of all. Women make sure their winter outfits are on point and one of the reason behind them are the fine jackets that complement the entire look. But you can now make them much cooler and better by getting them printed. From real rough to real casual they just help you with everything. You can swing them now just like how you want. Get them customized within few clicks by going online shopping in UAE & KSA.
Warehouse brings the best printed jackets online for women, customize by adding funky colors or patterns drawn on them. Jackets in UAE & KSA were never so creative before Printomized!

12) Women All Over Print T- shirts

T-shirts have gone super boring, but we know a way to spice it up and make you look different and catchy with all over printed t shirt. Women Printed tees is the new boom. You can rock a printed tee anytime and anywhere. Wear them with ripped jeans or baggy trousers go edgy and wear harem pants with it.
Either way you will slay. Want to know the fun part? You can even get it customized to your taste, so print cute quotes or real sassy quotes all of it will look classy.
No matter what season it is you can always pull the best look with them wear it with sun shades or under a jacket we guarantee you, you will look bomb. Go check out Printomized now and get you custom printed shirts online now!

13) Digital Tops

Printomized never compromises on design, print and quality. Digital printing is what everyone is going after from handbags to tops to jewelries and hair bands. All of this just under a few clicks only at the best UAE & KSA online shop, Printomized. Girls have been kicking off digital tops pretty well which is why Printomized made sure all girls get a chance to game up with their outfits. So, go rad go look the best with the latest digital tops now in store. Tops for girls are delivered at your door-step. Go edgy, sassy, 1990’s or pure girly with the latest fine stock in Printomized.

14) Tote Bag

It’s impossible for women to step out without a bag in their hand. It is one essential which needs to be updated all the time. Their purpose is unlimited not just acts as a storage but this handy essential helps us kick off style, look smart and elegant too. A classy women is incomplete without her tote bags so make sure you have your hands on the best one because Printomized brings the best collection of all. Go get them customized to your taste so grab bags online in with Warehouse’s new super lit collection.

15) Kids All Over Print T-Shirts

Are you a parent who wants to style your child but can’t with the limited sources of fine quality kids clothing? Well don’t worry Printomized eases your shopping trips with kids shirts under one roof. You can now dress your kids trendy, cool and stylish by getting kids clothes online with Printomized. Give a chance to your kids and give them a fresh and unique look by getting their wardrobe customized. If you wish to style your kid completely amazing then Warehouse gives an exclusive option of customization. All this under fine quality, good printing and fine services. So what are you waiting for? Get hooked with Printomized’s kid’s collection!

16) Laptop Sleeves

Life without laptops would be pretty crazy, from a student to an employee and what not Laptop is one essential for all. However since we are so prone of using it, it does need protection too. You can make your device look catchy plus protect it at the same time. How? With Printomized you get a chance to buy the best fresh sleeves for your laptop or if you are one of those who want their way then you can even get them customized. So quit worrying about your favorite gadget and put your hands on this new accessory. Say bye to big bags and overburdened shoulders, with the Laptop sleeve you can carry your device easily. So get your trendy and aesthetic laptop sleeves online from Printomized!

17) Badges

Do you like to make things go fancy or look catchy? If yes then here is what you definitely need to get your hands on. Printomized brings some amazing Badges exclusively for creative people like you. You can attach these trendy hooks on your favorite things like bags or your locker. Not only this but this accessory can fit in anywhere anytime. Either enthusiasm or patriotism of your favorites these just go with all. Choose the shape and sizes that appeal you and hook them up with anything you like. Hang them in your office desk or your sports bag either way it will look appealing. Printomized brings these in full colors, from neon to metallic to soft enamel pins too. Go online shopping with Printomized and proudly wear our trendy badge collection!

18) Wooden Stools

Are you a home decor freak? If yes then here is a good news for you. Printomized brings you home decor just with few clicks. The Wooden stool, are new productions of Printomized and is made out of fine wooden quality with precise and beautiful designs on them. These are the perfect stools to make your interior look much attractive. Make your living room or bedrooms look cute with these wooden carved stool, you can even customize them according to your creativity. Get premium quality home décor online with Printomized’s reliable and beautiful collection.

19) Coffee Mugs

Can’t function without coffee? Well we know how much caffeine means to you so we got you the best coffee mugs that will make every sip of your favorite beverage go amazing. Printomized brings customized coffee mugs for coffee fanatics to enjoy! Either gift it to your friends or treat yourself, these mugs are a must for coffee drinkers. So say bye to old styrofoam cups and say hi to your personal and customized mug. From travel coffee mugs to regular glass ones all of them are fine just like you would want. Buy Coffee cups online and get them delivered at your door-step.
So grab your mug and kick off the day with that perfect coffee in it.

20) Themes

Thewarehouse.pk offers you a wide variety of thematic prints on caps, graphic tees, all over printed tees, hoodies jackets and much more! Be it your favorite TV Show, your beloved game or your favorite Anime series, we have got everything covered for you! Theme prints can even be of your own choice with our customized portal available for you. Trendy and humor prints are also available at thewarehouse.pk crafted with utter mastery and fine craftsmanship. Our products are of high-quality and within an affordable price range. Go get the ones you like and impress the people around you.